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About our cakes » What do i do about the design and the booking of my cake?

Here’s what to do..

At Fanticy we are able to make all of your dreams come true, we do this by not having any set designs and allowing you to come to us with your ideas which we will then use to help create the perfect wedding/celebration cake for your special occasion.We are happy t0 help you put together any of the ideas you have in mind or that you may have seen online or in magazines.

Wedding cakes

If you are wanting some help putting together your wedding cake ideas then please contact us via email or telephone to book a consultation with a member of staff, if you have seen something that you have in mind then bring a picture or a copy along of the design so we can give you a price and so that we know exactly what you have in mind.

Please note – Wedding cakes need to be booked in with us 3 months before your wedding date so we are able to ensure that we have all of decoration/equipment available to create your selected design.

Celebration cakes

If you are wanting to book in a celebration cake then please just pop into the shop with your ideas or send us some images via email which we will  then have a look at and then discuss prices with you. We do prefer if you are stuck for ideas that you pop into the shop rather than email/telephone us so that we can show you some ideas and decorations in the shop that we may find appropriate for your occasion.

Please note  – We ask for at least a couple of weeks notice on celebration cakes if you are wanting 3D cakes or cakes with models etc. If its a basic cake and doesn’t need allot of work doing to it then the minimum number of days for a booking is 7. We are able to do cakes with in few days if we have time and room to fit them into our busy schedule, but please be aware that if you only give us a few days notice then we might not be able to do this or it may have to be something very basic. We do prefer if you was kind to us and gave us as much notice as possible so that we are able to fulfill your dreams as we don’t like to leave any disappointed.

Still stuck for ideas?

Just pop onto our gallery page online to check out some of the cakes we have done in the past to help build up your imagination ‘you are more than welcome to have the exact same cake as the pictures shown in our gallery’. We do suggest that you check out the internet for more ideas or that you purchase some wedding/celebration cake magazines to help you out. By booking a consultation or popping into the shop we can help you build some ideas suitable for your occasion. Think about what the persons hobby is, their favorite item/colour/cake flavor etc. these types of things can help you extend your ideas and create the perfect wedding/celebration cake.




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